Monday, December 29

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 3


As far as nearly 2 month at here, the only place that looklike isnt Bangladesh is the 5 star hotel here named The Westin.

This is 5 star hotel located near to our Hostel. I dont know if this Westin got related to Malaysia Eastin Hotel or not . But one thing, this is the place where once you enter in it, you wont feel likeyou are in Bangladesh, like entering other country... Dont believe? let you all see the picture taken from my collegues..sorry ar if you read this , have to steal your picture , due to I dint bring my mobile phone data cable..~_~
The ground floor chair

Level 26 i guess, in the hotel restaurant.

The scenery from hotel restaurant..

this one pool side restaurant at level 6

Journey Continued......

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 2


Going Bangladesh is certainly a place where I wont go if not because of work. This place is totally no entertainment at all, no cinema, no bowling center, no red box, no pub.. the only entertainment u can find here is see those Bangladeshi pee on street, beggar beg u for money; some beggar even crying to beg you money, mostly kids.

I came from Malaysia, and i though Malaysia traffic is the worst in the world , with the traffic jam taking so many hours. but too be honest, after i came to Bangladesh, here a lot worst than in Malaysia, driving here need a lot of skill( of cos not I drive=p) the car here dint follow the rule whenever jam, just fit in whenever there is space between two vehicle. The vehicle here so like to horn each other, sometime a little small error also wants to horn so noisy. There is no peacefull day on road, at leasst Kl when there is traffic jam, people wont horn too much. Some more the weather here very dry, make more air pollution from vehicle. sigh,the longer stay here the shorter your life, noise pollution+ air pollution+ human pollution ( beggar+ pee-ing on street)

Here are some photo I taken from my collegues websites:

The Rickshaws along the road.

The Toll gate in Bangladesh

To be Continued.....

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 1

It been nearly 3 month since my last update..

well, after Thai training, I had been assigned to come to Bangladesh to do project suppor
Already three month here, well the place is as what you all expected, poor, dirty, n pollutio
Everything sell here is twice as expensive compared to Malaysia, but luckily here still manage to find some product that imported from Malaysia..hhee
Now in December, the weather really cold.. almost same like in Genting. At first I dont even know that Bangladesh also going to have winter season. sigh.. Luckily got bring my sweater.
Here are some picture I taken for part 1:

The PeopleBeside the road

The road

The traffic .. all the bus here sure got many scratch and kemek.. dont know how to describe

Can you see the thing look like tower? that one is reactor for doing bricks...they make bricks in there

Some scenery I take while going to sites: paddy field
paddy field..

To be continued....

Monday, September 8

Reporting from Thailand

hi all,

damn... have to spent some money in order to on9 here in hotel @@
guess i cant live without on9 hehe.
anyway, to those people in malaysia n my friends, dont worry, everything ok here although the news report at malaysia might seem a bit too critical.
But here where i live is peace, dont have any havoc yet.(hopefully wont)
jus finish my one week at thai, still got 3 or 4 more weeks,
basically this is what i had to face , i mean the chaostic country, cos may b in future i;ll be going to even more worst place than here.
but why not take the risk rite?
so far one week here, actuallly i just been to one temple, during the weekend , that need to thanks my thai friends who willing to take us out. btw, the temple we go really near with the curfew area, the place where the protest ppl do the gathering, but still consider safe since i dint see any of the marching grp, just some of them .

Going to update ..counting the days back to Malaysia= 24 days =_____=

Sunday, August 31

Away to Thai

Going to Thai to work for one month.Actually going there for training purpose for my company.. dam... gonna miss malaysia.

Just get my internet connection this week, and the line very very very sux.. keep on dc. thay why i cant update my blog.. sien=.=

Btw, i going be bac on exactly nex month. so will be away...... now Thailand in crisis. Hopefully there will be nthg serius when i reach there *pray hard. haha.

C u guys and gals!

Selamat Hari Merdeka! n Selamat Berpuasa for all Muslims wahaha

Saturday, August 16

Working life

wow long time nt log into my blog many dust haha..
yea it been almost 2 week since i abandoned my blog..
last week is the convocation day for me.. i will try update that one if gt chance .
now working at KL no internet connection so cham..

Last Monday my 1st step into the working life enviroment. Everything seem quite ok for me.
Most of the ppl there so busy working, while me, doing nthg cos i still new wahahah. but that doesnt mean i enjoy it. cos for me, i feel kinda guilty cos nt be able doin anything in the company while watching other working so hard.

so at this moment, so far so good. Although it is a China company, but really a lot ppl, a multi racial also la..My Supervisor n senior nt bad. Some more still ask me gt who to recommend, cos they need at least 2 ppl , so anyone interested to be part of the team? hehe

looking forward this coming week n working life, I'm prepared to go to hell! as wat my senior told me." Welcome to the Hell" yea!. i ready to die..!

Saturday, August 2

Huala la

Finally i got job d ! My life going to change starting next monday 11thAugust. straight after my convocation.

last thursday went to the company to sign the offer letter. It kinda rush, last thursday and friday me n my friends went to KL to search a place to stay. it kinda diffcult finding a new house. Hopefully everything will b ok after this.

For information.I going to meet other my coursemate at the same company. I guess will be around 10 of my coursemate going to work at same place.Wow. haha

cant wait for the excitement and the working life. Going to be fun? erm i bet going to be a Hell future .. it gonna be tough!

Saturday, July 26


While we wore the same smiles,
We passed through the years together.
The sceneries kept changing,
And we struggled to accept it.

I throw away my useless pride.
May kindness come to this world.
I Gotta Say
Even if I show off my bravery and my strength,
I can't survive alone.
Our promise from that day,
It remains firmly in my heart, even now.

New encounters come after each farewell.
I find light down a new path, and move on.
Since the day I was born,
That has been the way my life is molded

Before we realized it,
We have both found our own futures.
Even if you are far away where I can't meet you,
There's a resilient bond between us.
"May my dreams come true."
I am praying from the bottom of my heart.
We're friends forever.
We pledged to meet again someday,
Crossed our little fingers,
And set out that day,
For unseen destinations,
And though we may be lost,
We are making progress,

Through the changing seasons,
And this fleeting moment,
I listen to these nostalgic melodies.
Even when I become an adult,
Some things won't fade,
As life goes on...
I mustn't forget,
Don't let it go...
I remember this vast land and my friends.
Like our precious memories.

Thursday, July 17

Days without Job

Counting the days ..I had been jobless and unemployed for 47days!!.

sigh.. went so many interview, still no job offer, totally useless.

Not in a good mood.. somebody cheer me up!

Tuesday, July 8

Update at Cc

huh ... dam bored at Kl.. after yest inbterview wif DIgi and ZTE .. everything goin so bored on nex day. wan noe how my interview.. can pm or chat wif me =P

currently at Kl til this thurday. so wont be on9.. now at my sis place cyber cafe updating my blog.. wow it been a long long long time ago since my las step into a cyber cafe. u wont bliff how fas the changes had happen . the rate here are now rm 2.50 for 3 hour! i not sure other cafe how the rate. but for my memory las time i at secondary school, the price is rm 2.50 for one hour.. wow..

now even the monitor getting larger n larger. i facing a LCD 21 inch compare to mine las time is jus crt monitor lol. but one thing for sure the situation n enviroment stil same.. full of noise , school kids finish class lepak place. n still , most of computer here are been using for the gaming purpose.

ok . til here update. cant wait to get job.. i can feel the chances!! ^^

Monday, June 30

Another Durian Post-Kuih Durian

Cant stop posting about durian . There too many durian in my house xD. Las saturday I helping my sister doing a kuih made by durian. Ok, i'm not really an expert on making this, but since there not much helping hand, sis insist ask me go help, well, since there is nothing to do in this boring home, i agree.

So i guess this kuih is hardly find anywhere, and it is the trully one of the nyonya kuih, we call it the Apam Balik Durian. U wont see this anywhere, may b if u see but they not made by malay ppl or indian.
The gravy, mixed flour and durian and other unknown item @@ . i not making this slimmy so duno much wat the ingredient lol.
so the ingredient will be pour on this wok. the round shape. to make it the shape like tat.

this how it look like when it cooked. the ingredient will turn like this. and nid to fold it so tat why it call the apam "balik" which mean foldback
Tadaaa.. Done...^^ my first make Kuih Durian aka Apam Balik Durian

Tuesday, June 24

Yay.. It Durian Season!!

So every year, when entering month of june, there is smell that some one might think stinks, some wil think is smell nice, some even will use this smell to create condom.. lol. but who care, for me , this is once a season smell.. It our king of fruit.. DURIAN..yay.. i noe nowadays there are durian where u can find it everyday at roadside.. but my house durian tree, it only grow once a year. hehe

hoho.. this year consider it grows many durians compare last year.. after nearly 10 years of plant, finally can eat the fruit. no nid waste money buy from outside^^

cant wait to eat.... ermm let see, the most favourite food frm durian is the cendol durian specially made by my mum, it contained both the durian and the cendol with the santan (coconut milk) . it taste even better if it cold. yum yum..this week gonna do it.. who wana taste? can come my house haha...


It a durian Life, i jus come back frm my 3rd interview.. hehe.. and jus now received another call for the 4th interview in 2 weeks time.. yay!

Tuesday, June 17

Bali Trip-Day3 and 4

Sry for late update, Jus bac frm "outstation" seeking job. Continue frm previous post,
The day 3 not much to do more to our self tour. a free day for us to go around around Bali

in the morning , we went for the water rafting, although the price is expensive and depend which location u start rafting, but the excitement really indescribable. totally Fun! u all should go hv try but make sure is nt that expensive but nice. since doin water sport, so my digital camera cant bring :(

haha.ok, back frm that, we all went to have a try on local famous food, which is the babi guling, well if u duno, it actually like kenny rogers , just the different, kenny rogers using chicken, here use babi. by the way , there no such a thing, when we visit, the babi already roasted. :(
this is how it look like
it look simple, it look tasty , but it is same as ours Shao Rou, not much different in term of the taste.

so after that we will hv our own free activity ,, me , hao,alex, nian you, nicole and szeming, jian decided went to nearby beach!

the wave is really big, certain area not suit for swimming. so most of ppl come to this beach to do surf.
So Alex and Hao see ppl surf, they also heart itchy wan join too, they rent a surf board and pretend as a pro surfer...
so they started to swim over the wave,
so Hao at first very semangat, no matter how big the wave, cant fight with the spirit within him, early on leave alex far away.. haha
after try abt 5 minutes, they been pushed by the bigwave to shore again. hao n alex continued for their journey to bcum one of the greatest surfer. they try and try again.
they gone....................................... haha

the actual story is, the guy who rent alex n hao surf board came by and ask us, if they both had surf b4, so they been assuming both of them are surf b4 this, so they did not bother when saw alex n hao is quite far away from the shore, so once we told them that both of them still noob new , they quickly rush , wow i the scene of that day really like Baywatch, just the difference , the person who swim to warn them not those with big boobies babes, but instead a black local balinese guy hahahah
they both safe...

Erm, about the previous the nicole and szeming bcome predator, i guess better not post it.. haha sked later they come n kill me=P

Day 4:

on the final day at bali, me, hao, nian you and nicole and szeming decided to walk around Legian Street, to shop . This is the street where the famous Bali bombing happen couple years ago. so in order to respect the victims. The location of the bombing area had build the memorial for them
it really unthinkable action of the suicide bomber. when u standing there, u can feel how was the bombing happen around that area which is quite pack of ppl.

this empty lot was once very famous night club at bali before the bomb.

ok..forget all those past black memory to bali ppl. so after check out from the hotel, we went to the final temple , which is the monkey temple.erm.. really a lot monkey, and it also have those very nice scenery to view.
a temple at cliff.

see told u gt monkey=P

they so call the Bali's Great Wall..@@

at last our own final group Picture at Bali

Bye Bali!!!!

Monday, June 9

Bali Day 2

after a tired day... the day 2, we cont to bcome Bali tourist by visiting some more temple..@@
but we first, we will going to swim across ..erm i mean sitting a boat across to another island near Bali .. Nusa Dua, to visit the Ninja Turtle Island

yay..turtle turtle turtle..hmm...

do u see Leonardo and Donatello swimming..dam, tv really give effect to human...
this two turtle still cute...

after swimming, this turtle also need a few balinese massage ....

so tis island is nt all about ninja turtle, it also gt other species of animal like dis one
the batman and the joker...
this is the first time i saw such a big type of bat... wow

see when the pro are in action...if can, can zoom till the turtle sex also been known ...

after spent abt 2 n half hour at there, we went for our lunch ar another mountain again.. this time is not the volcanic mountain.. but more to peaceful place. It enviroment almost like the Cameron where the people there planting fruit like strawberry n other vege as the part of their work..
on way to mountain

yea, another lake at the top mountain...
see the cloudy weather make the the temperature quite low.. i think abt 22 degree so syok..

so, at there, there is another temple, but the temple more nicer compare to yest...
did u notice every temple gt gate, look like the sci fi stargate can warp u into other dimension
the landscape so clean..
this is the place where u see most of bali pic temple taken.. the temple is floating above the lake.
but too bad u cant go in there..

Next will be another temple visit.

Spot the Difference:
a flock of tourist... wow i had improved my English grammar xD
nothing much to see

den guess what,
another temple again!!! arghhh..
we went to a place that mus b visit as told by our tour guide, the tanah lot temple..
this time not that dissapointed.. cos this is the place to watch sunset. and is really lot of ppl
not only this temple near the ocean , the sea wave also quite big splash
the wave is really big..
but most important of all, there main attraction there for that day for surely, these two twin from Japan.haha


the sunset at Bali is quite early , abt 615pm malaysia time ..although the time is same as malaysia, but the actual time is they fast by one our..
capture by my camera.. how how???
a glimmer of hope.. the sun finally goes down

Coming up...
1. The day where nicole and Szeming bcoming Predator...
2. Monkey in action..
3. and More more temple

Continue day 3 and 4......