Thursday, November 22

Presentation Aftermath

Wat a terrible shock!!... really a shocking!!! i cant bliff with my eyes ... wat i saw, wat i hear...
waaaaa urghhh,,,,, okok enuffff haha

Yesterday wednesday i went to Melaka , as wat written on my previous post, i went to Melaka Politeknik Merlimau to give my speech and presentation about the circuit board. It not taking long hour , oni for 15 min to finish up my present, but the lecturer there take my time keep ask me question. ~_~

But it really shock to me, not because the question is too tough making my whole body sweat til my pants, but is really unbelievable , the question u expect from a profesional lecturer who teach in so called Polytechnic turn out to be like 2ndary school teacher asking u how to done the circuit board.

for all this while i studying in MMU, in my mind , i though lecturer shuld be one that master a subject exspecilally the one that they goin to teach in the class room or lecture hall, this include the lab session, they shuld noe what they goin to be delivered. I never knew that a still student like me, can teach them the way to use the circuit board, btw, there is a manual provide to them to learn to use the board, but they still insist wan our company sent ppl to give a training session for them.

haha.. now i after making this presentation, i realise that everyone can become a lecturer, just to differentiate a good lecturer , dedicate , skillfull lecturer or a bad , suck, and totally uninspired lecturer is the way, how they are willing to improve themself first before teaching those student.

in this case, i can see that our national education system is heading to a darker side, although they are many good idea came out by the ministry to improve it, but as long as this kind so called lecturer who themself duno who they are and where are their standard exist, there are all still remain in dream to have a better educated.

So the victim now will be the students, the future of our nation to establish as one of the top country in the world.

Tuesday, November 20

Makan Ular

yes, today i makan ular again ( eat snake) .. i oways makan ular when boss not around.. haha..
btw, wat i mean is not really eating a snake, makan ular refering that i skip work .=P

Today boss once again went out , so take this opportunity to update my blog..hheeh..tat y u see that this few days i quite often update my blog..

talking abt my las post terrible weekend tat i had, haih. dun wan mention it.. tmr i goin bac to mlk... yeahooo.. opps, i shuld keep my happy aside, although can go bac my state, but that is on the job purpose and not for fun.. i had to go to Politeknik Merlimau for presentation to all the dumbass lecturer there and teach them to use a simple 5 years old children circuit board. Ermm ok.. might sound too ridiculous . But actually it is very simple board, i dunoo y i need to be there to teach them how to use...

for all the colleague in my company , they sure waiting for this chance la... as they all once noe boss goin out tmr, everyone planing to do their own thing.. sleep la..internet la..and eating snake..sum more ask me to sms them when i will bac from melaka. =.=

life oh life..i though i;m the only one who like to makan ular.. now baru noe that whole worker in this company also share the same taste wif me .

Monday, November 19

Terrible Weekend

Once again, boss went out, curi curi update at office...

Sigh, wat a nightmare weekend for me, i had a whole week of dihearsea (sakit perut) cirit birit.
dunoo eat what wrong las friday. keep on goin toilet on saturday n sunday, whole body lembik d..
all come out water no more sht ~_~

went to see doctor on sunday, luckily after taking some pill, it getting better . At first wan to take some MC from doctor, but then i got a ton of work need to do at office, i still need to ready for my project that need to be present at Politeknik Merlimau this coming Wednesday, that y i need to rush and finish it quickly this projecy.

Still waiting for the component for my project to arrived from pos laju, that y i still got time to update this post..hehe...ok..

Another new Weekend d.. So fas one month i;ve been here training.. got 2 month left!!

Friday, November 16

Update from Office!!

This is my first time update my blog from my actually vary risky thing to do, my boss forbidden us to use PC for other purpose except for info searching.

Y today i so brave ler? haha actually boss nt in office , tat y i can so berani on9 lar.... everyday work so sien.. now i get one project need to submit to customer on nex week. and guess what, i might be goin to Merlimau Melaka to present the thing nex week.!!

weekend coming d.... tmr still got work to do, i had to work for week 1 n week 3 of sat of every month. any activity this weekend ?

Sunday, November 4

UPdate update!!

hihii..i;m bac!!..srry flks...and i will update. I'm still far away frm my streamyx, i now using dial cant upload pic here haih. btw after two weeks of working, i'm finally bac to mlk n update a while my blog

At woring place, it kinda strict, so is hardly for me to update my blog at there, even cant on9 for chating, my boss so "bird". wan us t fully concertrate on work. even warn us not to chat wif ppl or sms wif ppl so long, if nt he will ask us go bac home sigh!!!..terrible terrible..

i so envy my other frens who got pay more than me n work less stressful than me. For ur information, i get a small company in bukit puchong, if gt nex time, i wll try upload it and let u alll see how small my company.

from the first dayi start at work, my boss nvr treat us like a trainee, but instead as a real worker fresh graduate that noe everything in this work, like a walking encyclopedia. He expects that us will noe to do some troubelshooting problem .

okla... my working scope is mainly on checking the circuit board and perfoming a test, just like lab experiment to get result and compare it to the expected result as in manual book, sounds like easy rite? but wait, that nt the hardest part, the hardest is if u cant get the result as what it written, u need to find wat the problem and wat cause of it. it just like finding a tiny needle in the middle of field. ad for no experiance guy like me, i struggle to adapt and find the solution of the problem, although u suspect the probelm is that thing, but once boss disagree with u , u cant do anything, and has to re find again.

btw, there a lot comment on my work from my frens and parents, although some say it a bad company , but it do provide me a real time working experiance as what other real working ppl now facing. as i really hope this will serve me as a gud thing, although i do admit i not really happy working now, everyday feel the pressure that i cant solve and sked of unable to finish n scold by boss...haih...

jus 2 week oni still gt another 11 weeks ~!!!!! may god bless me.......sigh.....