Friday, February 29

New Nissan GTR 2009



Found out this latest model by Nissan from one of Car magazine, one of the fast car that will be release soon . Expected on 2009. This car had the superiority to compete with other supercar and is believe can be better than the Porche car series in term of speed and the price.

The Features and Spec
• VR-series twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6.
• 480 hp @ 6,400 rpm. 430 lb-ft torque @ 3,200–5,200 rpm.
• Dual overhead camshafts with variable intake-valve timing.
• Cast aluminum cylinder block with high-endurance/low-friction plasma-sprayed bores.
• IHI twin turbochargers, one per cylinder bank.
• Pressurized lubrication system with thermostatically controlled coolingcification of this car

• 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission with three driver-selectable modes: Normal (for maximum smoothness and efficiency), Snow (for gentler starting and shifting on slippery surfaces), and R mode (for maximum performance with fastest shifts).
• Fully automatic shifting or full sequential manual control via gearshift or steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.
• Dual clutch design changes gears in less than 0.5 second (0.2 second in R mode).
• Downshift Rev Matching.
• Predictive pre-shift control (in R mode) based on throttle position, vehicle speed, braking and other information.

Wheels and Tires
• 20 x 9.5" (front) and 20 x 10.5" (rear) super-lightweight forged-aluminum wheels.
• Exclusively developed nitrogen-filled Bridgestone® RE070A high-capacity run-flat summer tires, 255/40ZRF20 97Y front and 285/35ZRF20 100Y rear.
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

• Brembo® 4-wheel disc brakes with 4-wheel Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Preview Braking.
• Two-piece floating-rotor 15-inch front and rear discs with diamond-pattern internal ventilation.
• 6-piston front/4-piston rear monoblock calipers.

• Rack-and-pinion steering with vehicle-speed-sensitive power assist.
• 2.6 steering-wheel turns lock-to-lock.

• 4-wheel independent suspension with Bilstein® DampTronic system with three driver-selectable modes: Normal/Sport (for automatic electronic control of damping), Comfort (for maximum ride comfort), and R mode (engages maximum damping rate for high-performance cornering).
• Electronically controlled variable-rate shock absorbers. High-accuracy progressive-rate coil springs.
• Front double-wishbone/rear multi-link configuration with aluminum members and rigid aluminum subframes.
• Hollow front and rear stabilizer bars.

• Exclusive Premium Midship platform with jig-welded hybrid unibody.
• Aluminum hood, trunk and door skins. Die-cast aluminum door structures.
• Carbon-reinforced front crossmember/radiator support.





• Wide-beam headlights with High Intensity Discharge (HID) low beams.
• LED taillights and brake lights.
• Dual heated power mirrors.
• Flush-mounted aluminum door handles.
• Body-color rear spoiler with integrated center high-mounted stop light.•
UV-reducing tinted glass.

Audio/Navigation/Performance Monitor
• Digital Bose® audio system with AM/FM/in-dash 6-CD changer and 11 speakers including dual subwoofers.
• HDD Music Box system, including hard drive with 9.4 GB for audio storage.
• MP3, WMA and DVD audio capable. In-dash Compact Flash card reader.
• HDD-based GPS navigation with touch screen.
• Driver-configurable performance monitor, developed with Sony® Polyphony and Xanavi Infomatics Corp., with graphical readouts of vehicle data and driving data displayed on a total of 11 screens.
• 7-inch WVGA high-resolution color-LCD display for audio, navigation and performance monitor.

• Automatic Temperature Control (ATC).
• Electronic analog instrument cluster with multi-function trip computer and digital gear indicator.
• Power front windows with one-touch auto-up/down feature.
• Intelligent Key system with pushbutton start. Power door locks.
• Cruise control.
• Tilt/telescoping steering column.
• Bluetooth® Hands-free phone system with voice recognition.

• Leather upholstered front seats with perforated Alcantara inserts.
• Dual individual rear seats
.• Heated front seats.
• Leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.
• Drilled aluminum pedals.

• Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) with dual-stage supplemental front air bags, seat belt sensors and occupant-classification sensor.
• Driver and front-passenger side-impact supplemental air bags and roof-mounted curtain supplemental air bags.
• Front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters
.• Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System.
• Vehicle Security System.

Will be launched soon for European market on 2009. For Malaysia.. ermm..hard to know =P

Tuesday, February 26

100 post

finally i reach my 100 post for my previous post!!... yeap yeap.. congrats to myself ....=P

Thursday, February 21

Graduation Trip

hmm... My graduation is around corner d, where should i go ?? yesterday received e mail about my coursemate planing to go a trip after we all graduate, but problem is where should it be? near? far? cheap? affordable by all? hmm.
for me i was thinking of 3 places, not taiwan, not hong kong, cos there is too far frm my budget i think. unless u all gv me some money, i surely will go:P
ok where shuld it be Bali? Phuket? or Bangkok , or Vietnam n Cambodia area
Give me idea...

or may be some some hot babe on the bali beach=P





or a crocodile dollar bar ??? hmm


The City of Bangkok


The Temple

or the massage...

The ancient and mystery place

and the wonder of it owns..

Exotic food and culture

to the Fried snake bone with rice cracker

The Pagoda


so which one should choose for graduation trip?? =P think about it.....

Wednesday, February 20


Found this song Breathless by Shane Ward. Nice lyrics and song...enjoy..=P

Breathless Lyric:

If our love was a fairy tale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht baby we would sail
To an island where we'd say I do
And if we had babies they would look like you
It'd be so beautiful if that came true
You don't even know how very special you are
You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathlessI
still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me
And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I'm thankful for the life we've made
And if we had babies they would have your eyes
I would fall deeper watching you give life
You don't even know how very special you are
You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me
You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You're like an angel
The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You're something special
I only hope that I'll one day deserve what you've given me
But all I can do is try
Every day of my life
You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me
You leave me breathless
You're everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can't believe that you're mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you're leaving me
p/s: got nothing to do, no activity, so no update..sry guys..i already bcum mushroom man at home lol..

Friday, February 15

My Valentine

Yesterday was a sweet day for all couple out there. days where all the lovebirds in the world having the most memorable days of their life.
haih.. My Valentine.. for pass 22 years as single.. wat to do? this year a bit diff la.. while other my couple frens going out for valentine dinner, i going back to my hometown celebratig Hokkien ppl new year.. Bai Tin Kong..
i think this tradition is getting gone d.. most ppl nowadays lazy to do such a pray.

as u can see, there is a lot of stuff nid to prepare and some pantang tat mus obey when wan to pray such as, woman who has period cant touch the things that on table. here my family been practising all vege type and fruit . no meat at all.

Some other hokkien people pray meat to the God. Mine is different la .

Yesterday also some of my friends from MMU take the oppotunity come my house dig my house money, luckily not many of them =P sigh.. jus jk.. they come my house for bai nian..

since this year is the final year for them to have one last chance to see my hidden hideouts aka my house :P

From L-R : Yun Xuan, Ser, Soon Huat, Ah Kit, Me, Yin Yeo, and Chee Cheong

Chinese New Year goin end soon....................................

Tuesday, February 12

New Command &Conquer Tiberium FPS

The Last time Command &Conquer come out its FPS was the Renegade. Now EA Games had announced that they going to launch not so soon.

here are the official trailer from EA about the game:

this is kind of dooms or half life or halo type of first person shooting game. so going to expecred some high graphic card compatibility's needed when playing this game

Saturday, February 9


3 days pass CNY d...dam fast..feel like no celebrate at all...!! i wan moreeeee!!!

tomoro sunday already, 4 th day of CNY, aih... gonna return to campus life again, and this time, will getting serius, industrial training presentation happening on 13,14, or 15,.

hopefuly i get 13 or 14, cos goin bac to ht again during valentine day huhu.. celebrate my valentine w if family , sigh wat an akward .lol Nola actually tat date also a day where chinese ppl mostly hokkien celebrate another day where they call bai tin kong. so nid return home to help.

this year fortune realy good for me as an Ox zodiak lol... !!^^

Sunday, February 3

Chinese New Year

yea.5 more days to chinese new year!!! ^^ going bac later...This year the year of rat.. tikus.. so again, my blog will take leave starting from today evening hahah=P

ok..i going to share with u wat will happening to ur zodiak this year 2008, so guys n gals, check out ur luck and what u will face tis year cos Spannar Guru gonna be a feng shui master today xD
taken from my sifu website..hahah

You can look forward to a good year and benefit from what is known as “heaven luck”, where many opportunities come your way. Wealth luck will be there and with the support of the ‘Tai Sui’ you will make the most of it. Although luck is on your side, you face competition from those who cannot take coming second to you. Don’t view this negatively; instead endeavour to turn competitors into supporters. Display a Pi Xie in the north to avoid troublemakers. The year starts well, with success coming as early as February with excellent relationship luck. To benefit from heaven luck, activate the north of your home with plenty of metal energy by hanging 8 Immortal coins. Activate good networking luck by displaying your allies and secret friend, the Dragon, Monkey and Ox in the north of your living room or on your work desk. There will be times when you are severely stressed out. Carry a Good Health Amulet if you are susceptible to high blood pressure.

2008 will be a better year compared to 2007 as obstacles from the previous year dissipate and things run comparatively smoothly. Love luck is particularly good this year. The single Ox looking for a mate will find their match, while those who are married will rejuvenate their relationship. Display a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest or wear a 2-eyed Dzi bead to actualize marriage luck. Carry the Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet to strengthen relationships with peers. There is promise of promotion at work accompanied by an increase in income. Wear a mantra ring with lapis lazuli to tap the luck of the 24 mountains. The year is beneficial for those who have exams, and the Education Amulet will bring you additional luck. 2008 keeps you busy both socially and at work. This will suit some Ox people, but could also lead to your feeling weak and burnt out. Protect your health with a Herbal Wu Lou and wear a Medicine Buddha Bracelet.

You can look forward to a much better year ahead as the star of romance and scholastic excellence pays you a visit. While 2008 promises plenty in the way of love your intrinsic element of wood may cause you to be overly aggressive in your pursuit of success, leading to some problems. It is important to keep your emotions in balance. Display the Ksitigarbha Fireball in the northwest to keep a stable temper. The Tiger also enjoys the small auspicious luck from the 24 mountains; this means you will come into small packets of good fortune. Tiger people will benefit greatly from wearing metal this year, such as the “Om Mani Padme Hum” or Kalachakra pendant. It is a year to tap into the luck of your allies by carrying the Ally Coin or displaying figurines of your allies and secret friend, the Dog, Horse and Boar. It is also a year for learning new skills; carry the Education Amulet to further knowledge. A suitable Dzi for the Tiger is the 4-eyed Dzi to enhance wisdom and bring clear thoughts. For career luck, display one of the 5 Famous Generals such as General Kuan Kung in the center of your home. For wealth, display a Jambhala water feature in the east.

A good year in store for the Rabbit with plenty of opportunities to make money and achieve success; the only setback is the declining energy star which weakens the Rabbit. This results in you having to put more effort and be more tenacious when going after what you want. To strengthen your intrinsic energy, display a horoscope water feature in the east of your home. Tap the energy of ‘tien-ti-ren’ by placing figurines of the Boar, Sheep and Dog on your work desk. Make the most of your luck by displaying a figurine of a Monkey Sitting on an Elephant on your desk to bring promotion luck. For wealth, display the yellow Jambhala holding a mongoose in the sheng chi direction of your living room. Carry the Guardian Amulet to safeguard your wealth. Protect your home by hanging the Kalachakra Mantra Plaque above your front door. Single Rabbits can enhance peach blossom luck to find suitable mates this year by displaying a figurine of the Rat in the north of their bedroom. A suitable Dzi is the 7-eyed Dzi as this brings smoothness and good luck to all your endeavours.

This is a non-stop year for the Dragon. Your creative energy is at its peak and you find yourself pulled in many different directions. Refrain from being too impulsive. Devote more time to considering your options before starting on new projects. The Completion Star combined with the Earth Seal, together with your natural drive to succeed, is a potent cocktail indeed. Make sure you get your feng shui correct as you have the most potential to take advantage of good earth luck this year. Wear the 3-eyed Dzi to attract supporters and to keep you healthy. A potent symbol for the year is the Earth Seal; keep the symbol of earth on the cover of your important files for excellent luck. Alternatively, wear the “Hum” Pendant in gold . Activate recognition and promotion luck with a Monkey on a Horse on your office desk. Energize your intrinsic energy by lighting incense in a 9-Dragon Incense Burner in front of your home altar or hang the 9 Dragon Screen in the southeast of your home.

The Snake comes out from under the shadow of the Tai Sui with improved health and energy. Obstacles faced in 2007 dissolve in 2008, with the Snake gaining strength and luck from March onwards. There is good improvement on the career front. Recognition luck is greater than wealth, which means most of your gains come in the form of your bosses realizing your worth rather than in material gains. To enhance for promotion luck, display a Monkey on an Elephant or a Ru Yi on your work desk. While there is money luck indicated, you are prone to getting robbed/cheated. Carry the Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet as a remedy. Protect your home by displaying figurines of the Door Guardians near to your main door. Keep your money in a Nine Dragon Wallet for empowerment. If you run your own business or are in sales, display the Pak Choy in the Southeast of your living room to bring plenty of sales or customers. To ensure smoothness in all that you do, wear the 10-eyed Dzi . There is great promise of romance for single Snakes. To enhance relationships, carry or wear the Infinity or Mystic Knot Symbol.

Horse born people are in for a tough year as the stars in 2008 are not in your favour. Your luck forecast indicates a year filled with, obstacles, mishaps and general bad luck. You are in direct conflict with Tai Sui, suffer from the #5 misfortune star, the Three Killings and the star of natural disasters. With so many afflictions in your chart, it is paramount that you apply the required cures. Display the Flying Dragon Horse with a Pi Yao in the south facing north and carry the Tai Sui Amulet to appease the Grand Duke. Curb that impulsive trait of yours as it will not serve you well this year. It is even better to appear indecisive than to jump headlong into something you will regret. Remedy the #5 by wearing the Kalachakra Pendant or carry the Five Element Pagoda . Display the Trinity Pagoda in the south of your home. Tap into divine luck by display the 3 Generations of Sheep in the south. Activate the luck of allies by carrying your Ally Coin . To counter the Three Killings, display either 3 Chi Lins or the 3 Divine Guardians facing south.

This will not be an easy year with predictions of unfortunate luck at work and in business, love and health. There is risk of being cheated by people you trust, and losing money through theft or robbery. You can expect obstacles to pop up causing disruption to the flow of projects and tasks at hand. You are also indirectly in conflict with Tai Sui bringing the possibility of further mishaps. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display the Flying Dragon Horse with Pi Yao in the south facing north. Hang a Blue Rhino Amulet in your car and keep one in your briefcase to fend off robbery. Carry the Bodyguard Amulet in your wallet for protection. Place a Herbal Wu Lou beside your bed and wear the Medicine Buddha Bracelet. To protect your wealth, place a Lock Coin in a red packet with some money in it and put underneath your pillow when you sleep. To enhance for wealth, activate your ally the Rabbit by displaying a Jambhala Water Feature in the East corner of your living room. Strengthen your luck by displaying the Black Precious Elephant in the Southwest. A suitable Dzi for you this year is the Tiger Tooth Dzi as this will bring you much-needed protection against the bad luck of the year.

The Monkey will not have an easy year compared to last year. But while the financial loss star will affect your luck this year, you also have some measure of protection with the Golden Deities star. Helpful people will rescue you out of any predicament. There is a tendency for the Monkey to lose his cool this year and this could lead to problems with relationships. So watch your temper. Carry the Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet and wear the Dragon Eye Dzi for protection. Activate Golden Deities luck by inviting a Golden Kuan Yin into your home and display her in the Northeast corner of your living room. Protect your house against burglary by displaying the Black Precious Elephant in the Southwest. For personal luck, wear the “Om Ah Hum” Pendant in gold . To enhance for better income, display a Dzambhala Water Feature in the Southwest of your living room. To enhance for relationship luck and good networking, place glitter lamps in the Southwest 3, Southeast 1 and North 2 corners of your home as this completes the ‘Tien Ti Ren’ formation which is very auspicious.

2008 will be a noisy year for the Rooster as the argumentative star flies to your sector. This makes you difficult to get along with. This year your emotional temperament hits new highs. Make every effort to calm yourself, otherwise relationships may be strained. Your career continues on to greater heights and money luck is promising. Carry Ksitigarbha to nullify the aggressive energies that inhibit you this year. Display the Ksitigarbha Fireball in the West of your home. There may be legal issues this year, so protect by displaying the 4 Heavenly Kings in your study or living area. To enhance wealth, place 9 Dragons next to a Dzambhala Water Feature in the east. Improve relationships by wearing the 12-eyed Dzi on your left wrist and enhance health by wearing the Medicine Buddha Bracelet. Activate the ‘Tien Ti Ren’ formation, by displaying a Snake in the southeast, Rooster in the west and Ox in the northeast. The 24 mountains bring the General Star, which bestows power and authority. To enhance, place an image of General Kuan Kung in the West of your home.

The Dog is plagued by poor health and mishaps as the illness star afflicts his sector. Elderly dogs should display the Medicine Buddha Mandala in the northwest and wear the Medicine Buddha Bracelet to stay healthy. It is also recommended to display the Herbal Wu Luo on both sides of the bed. On the upside, there is good luck in the form of the ‘Small Auspicious Star’, which brings small packets of joyful occasions. Celebrating birthdays, weddings or the birth of a new baby will improve your overall luck this year. All Dogs benefit greatly by hanging the Kalachakra Mantra Plaque above the main door. Young Dogs should carry the Education Amulet for better exam luck. Luck is average when it comes to your career. This is not a year to be changing jobs even if you feel you are not getting the recognition you deserve. If you persevere you will see the results of your efforts in the 3rd quarter of the year. Display a Ling Zhi Ru Yi or the Monkey on Elephant to improve career prospects.

The Boar experiences a mixed year in 2008. Ill health may upset plans. However you enjoy the Star of the Heaven Seal, which brings good fortune that is both unexpected and meaningful. Things proceed smoothly at work and others favour you in any confrontation as you have the luck of friends and allies on your side. Carry the Ally Coin to enhance this kind of luck. Control illness by displaying the Herbal Wu Luo beside your bed and hang the Medicine Buddha Mandala in the northwest. Display the Heaven Seal on your work desk or in the northwest of your living room for luck. For wealth luck, place a water feature with figurines of the Rabbit, Boar and Sheep in the East. You may encounter financial loss on the stock market or through getting cheated. Protect yourself by hanging a the Kalachakra Mantra Plaque above your main door. Boars in school do well in their exams this year, and can carry the Education Amulet for additional help. A suitable Dzi for the boar is the 3-eyed Dzi , which brings prosperity, health and wealth. Wear on your left wrist.

so see d what going happen?wow cow this year will find their mate!! a good chance for me d.haha Erm btw, one friendly reminder to all those readers, this is just only prediction, it not really going to happen, dun bliff it 100% but do take notes oni, u cant avoid things that going to be happen. so guys n gals, have a great holiday and for my chinese fren Happy Chinese New year.!! Xin Nian Kuai le..Nuffnag !! please ang pao na lai!!!! lol=P

Friday, February 1

Melaka Ferry Wheels

3 month was a very short period. 3 month after i left melaka for my industrial training, melaka had develope so freaking quick. first is the extension of Dataran Pahlawan Carefour, now alr becum the largest shopping mall on southern region. and one more is the ferry wheels

ya..not only titiwangsa gt The Eyes of Malaysia, Melaka itself also have it owns" Eyes of Melaka" the ferry wheeels

Melaka Ferry Wheels

ok.. it may not look very attractive and pretty like the one at titiwangsa, and it look like a kind of fun fair ferry wheels ~_~. but at least Melaka gt another place to go rite..hehe
the tiket for the ferry wheels is at RM 5 for adult and RM 3 for childeren

taking from close view

ya beside the ferry wheels, there are the pirates ship and the melaka cruise river.
and those who stil not noticed this thing, it is located at the las time melaka old bus station. Jalan Tun Ali. and be prepared cos there going to be a pirates to welcome u.. ya i mean this pirate

Freaking NY ~_~ Aye aYe captain LOL