Monday, December 29

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 3


As far as nearly 2 month at here, the only place that looklike isnt Bangladesh is the 5 star hotel here named The Westin.

This is 5 star hotel located near to our Hostel. I dont know if this Westin got related to Malaysia Eastin Hotel or not . But one thing, this is the place where once you enter in it, you wont feel likeyou are in Bangladesh, like entering other country... Dont believe? let you all see the picture taken from my collegues..sorry ar if you read this , have to steal your picture , due to I dint bring my mobile phone data cable..~_~
The ground floor chair

Level 26 i guess, in the hotel restaurant.

The scenery from hotel restaurant..

this one pool side restaurant at level 6

Journey Continued......

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 2


Going Bangladesh is certainly a place where I wont go if not because of work. This place is totally no entertainment at all, no cinema, no bowling center, no red box, no pub.. the only entertainment u can find here is see those Bangladeshi pee on street, beggar beg u for money; some beggar even crying to beg you money, mostly kids.

I came from Malaysia, and i though Malaysia traffic is the worst in the world , with the traffic jam taking so many hours. but too be honest, after i came to Bangladesh, here a lot worst than in Malaysia, driving here need a lot of skill( of cos not I drive=p) the car here dint follow the rule whenever jam, just fit in whenever there is space between two vehicle. The vehicle here so like to horn each other, sometime a little small error also wants to horn so noisy. There is no peacefull day on road, at leasst Kl when there is traffic jam, people wont horn too much. Some more the weather here very dry, make more air pollution from vehicle. sigh,the longer stay here the shorter your life, noise pollution+ air pollution+ human pollution ( beggar+ pee-ing on street)

Here are some photo I taken from my collegues websites:

The Rickshaws along the road.

The Toll gate in Bangladesh

To be Continued.....

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 1

It been nearly 3 month since my last update..

well, after Thai training, I had been assigned to come to Bangladesh to do project suppor
Already three month here, well the place is as what you all expected, poor, dirty, n pollutio
Everything sell here is twice as expensive compared to Malaysia, but luckily here still manage to find some product that imported from Malaysia..hhee
Now in December, the weather really cold.. almost same like in Genting. At first I dont even know that Bangladesh also going to have winter season. sigh.. Luckily got bring my sweater.
Here are some picture I taken for part 1:

The PeopleBeside the road

The road

The traffic .. all the bus here sure got many scratch and kemek.. dont know how to describe

Can you see the thing look like tower? that one is reactor for doing bricks...they make bricks in there

Some scenery I take while going to sites: paddy field
paddy field..

To be continued....