Monday, September 8

Reporting from Thailand

hi all,

damn... have to spent some money in order to on9 here in hotel @@
guess i cant live without on9 hehe.
anyway, to those people in malaysia n my friends, dont worry, everything ok here although the news report at malaysia might seem a bit too critical.
But here where i live is peace, dont have any havoc yet.(hopefully wont)
jus finish my one week at thai, still got 3 or 4 more weeks,
basically this is what i had to face , i mean the chaostic country, cos may b in future i;ll be going to even more worst place than here.
but why not take the risk rite?
so far one week here, actuallly i just been to one temple, during the weekend , that need to thanks my thai friends who willing to take us out. btw, the temple we go really near with the curfew area, the place where the protest ppl do the gathering, but still consider safe since i dint see any of the marching grp, just some of them .

Going to update ..counting the days back to Malaysia= 24 days =_____=