Sunday, August 31

Away to Thai

Going to Thai to work for one month.Actually going there for training purpose for my company.. dam... gonna miss malaysia.

Just get my internet connection this week, and the line very very very sux.. keep on dc. thay why i cant update my blog.. sien=.=

Btw, i going be bac on exactly nex month. so will be away...... now Thailand in crisis. Hopefully there will be nthg serius when i reach there *pray hard. haha.

C u guys and gals!

Selamat Hari Merdeka! n Selamat Berpuasa for all Muslims wahaha

Saturday, August 16

Working life

wow long time nt log into my blog many dust haha..
yea it been almost 2 week since i abandoned my blog..
last week is the convocation day for me.. i will try update that one if gt chance .
now working at KL no internet connection so cham..

Last Monday my 1st step into the working life enviroment. Everything seem quite ok for me.
Most of the ppl there so busy working, while me, doing nthg cos i still new wahahah. but that doesnt mean i enjoy it. cos for me, i feel kinda guilty cos nt be able doin anything in the company while watching other working so hard.

so at this moment, so far so good. Although it is a China company, but really a lot ppl, a multi racial also la..My Supervisor n senior nt bad. Some more still ask me gt who to recommend, cos they need at least 2 ppl , so anyone interested to be part of the team? hehe

looking forward this coming week n working life, I'm prepared to go to hell! as wat my senior told me." Welcome to the Hell" yea!. i ready to die..!

Saturday, August 2

Huala la

Finally i got job d ! My life going to change starting next monday 11thAugust. straight after my convocation.

last thursday went to the company to sign the offer letter. It kinda rush, last thursday and friday me n my friends went to KL to search a place to stay. it kinda diffcult finding a new house. Hopefully everything will b ok after this.

For information.I going to meet other my coursemate at the same company. I guess will be around 10 of my coursemate going to work at same place.Wow. haha

cant wait for the excitement and the working life. Going to be fun? erm i bet going to be a Hell future .. it gonna be tough!