Friday, December 28


it almost 2 month i ve been doing pratical training here... well, everything seem hard at first den slowly bcum ok.

Have u all been having trouble with your boss b4 ? no matter if u are a trainee or permanent worker. i;m sure each of u gt boss of their own characteristic.

lol..yesterday the for the first time tsunami happen in my office. almost everyone in the office kena whack by boss...duno wat happening to him..suddenly in the morning transform into The Hulk ..yea the green monster haha. opps..hopefully he din read tis..

so it make me think, what kind of boss is actually a good boss or can be category as the brilliant boss... it may sound that a boss shuld hav all the good things , honest lar, no scold ppl, keep promises lar.. but what is actually that makes them a really good boss that will earn respect from us??

mind to share and tell me??

Tuesday, December 18

Clash of Titans

ermm..not really all highlights..i jus wan to share some moment on last sunday Clash of titans between Liverpool vs MU and Arsenal vs Chelsea.

So frustrated for me, not because of my team Arsenal, but i not able to watch it live these two big match on TV. arghh.. it kinda late. Arsenal game start at 12am and end at 3am ,and i got go to work on the nex morning at 6am. sighh so din go watch.. !!

while other ppl cheering for their teams for the battle on the field at Mamak stall or Cafe, i was cheering for Malaysian. Yes, is nt Malaysia football team. but instead is the Asian Idol , Jacklyn Victor is representing Malaysian . Too bad, she lose due to the voting. Singapore idol win it..

ok enuff for that, bac to football. Last sunday, to all chealsea fans, you all still not good enuff...for almost 4 years, we finally beat u. and some more thx to petr Czeh error..wahhahaha i love u Czeh. too bad liverpool lose to MU, if nt Arsenal will be sitting on the top drinking coffee while watching the xmas snow falling down.

These year sure gonna be hot title race btween the 2 old nemesis. Arsenal and MU.

and one thing for MU... keep on chase us if u can!!! LOL

Friday, December 14

Movie Movie Movie really quite free... double post at a time....

since come to KL , i admit i'm getting less watching movie, abt nearly 2 month at KL, the one and only movie that i watch was las 2 week " The Enchanted" . everytime wan go watch i jus feel that i got no time , too expensive the tiket ( if compare to Mlk ) and if got gathering wif frens at shooping mall, also feel like the time is limited, if went to cinema u will wasted 1 hour plus time to spent wif ur frens.

btw, list out the movie that this month going to offer. I;m sure X-Mas this year offer a lot good movie to be watched.. first is the

1) The Golden Compass
2) The Warlords
3) National Tresurer 2
4) The Heartbreak Kid
5) Alvin and the Chipmunks
6) Alien vs Predator
7) I'm a Legend

so folks, that the movie that coming and already showing at the cinema...and i cant stop complaining a lot movie that i wan watch.. argghhh!! i guess, if i;m in mlk, the MBO cinema boss sure will be happy if i;m around:P

anyone..let go watch?? invite invite me!!

last weekend

so fas one week gone d... it jus feel like yesterday abt the las weekend activity..

to all my friends, yes i did go bac to hometown las weekend to settle down something and go bac meet my parents. it been one month since my last back to my ht.

ok last weekend, din update at all... house pc lagging . sienn...miss the day of streamyx where i can upload some picture in my blog here .

Saturday-- went to my cousin wedding until late night
Sunday--- went to meet my friends at Dataran pahlawan , at night watch the miserable Arsenal game that loss to Middlebrought with Sam damm.. first time watch EPL live and the first time Arsenal lose ..

Monday-- went back to my kampung...
tuesday...back KL again haih

so my to those my friends i;m unable to meet them when at MLK , i;m srry need make an appointment wif me 1st, u noe la busy haha=P jk.. i will try find u all la..dun wrry hahah

Thursday, December 6


oh damn... it been one week since my last post...Last week totally freaking busy, no time to update at all...

Just wan to wish my friends cunlynn, nicole, yen lynn for their buffday this week...!! ^^

Btw, this week going bac to my ht mlk.. i'm also taking one day off nex monday 10 dec since 11 dec is public holiday in Selangor due to Sultan u guys n gals at mlk i coming find u !!!