Saturday, July 26


While we wore the same smiles,
We passed through the years together.
The sceneries kept changing,
And we struggled to accept it.

I throw away my useless pride.
May kindness come to this world.
I Gotta Say
Even if I show off my bravery and my strength,
I can't survive alone.
Our promise from that day,
It remains firmly in my heart, even now.

New encounters come after each farewell.
I find light down a new path, and move on.
Since the day I was born,
That has been the way my life is molded

Before we realized it,
We have both found our own futures.
Even if you are far away where I can't meet you,
There's a resilient bond between us.
"May my dreams come true."
I am praying from the bottom of my heart.
We're friends forever.
We pledged to meet again someday,
Crossed our little fingers,
And set out that day,
For unseen destinations,
And though we may be lost,
We are making progress,

Through the changing seasons,
And this fleeting moment,
I listen to these nostalgic melodies.
Even when I become an adult,
Some things won't fade,
As life goes on...
I mustn't forget,
Don't let it go...
I remember this vast land and my friends.
Like our precious memories.

Thursday, July 17

Days without Job

Counting the days ..I had been jobless and unemployed for 47days!!.

sigh.. went so many interview, still no job offer, totally useless.

Not in a good mood.. somebody cheer me up!

Tuesday, July 8

Update at Cc

huh ... dam bored at Kl.. after yest inbterview wif DIgi and ZTE .. everything goin so bored on nex day. wan noe how my interview.. can pm or chat wif me =P

currently at Kl til this thurday. so wont be on9.. now at my sis place cyber cafe updating my blog.. wow it been a long long long time ago since my las step into a cyber cafe. u wont bliff how fas the changes had happen . the rate here are now rm 2.50 for 3 hour! i not sure other cafe how the rate. but for my memory las time i at secondary school, the price is rm 2.50 for one hour.. wow..

now even the monitor getting larger n larger. i facing a LCD 21 inch compare to mine las time is jus crt monitor lol. but one thing for sure the situation n enviroment stil same.. full of noise , school kids finish class lepak place. n still , most of computer here are been using for the gaming purpose.

ok . til here update. cant wait to get job.. i can feel the chances!! ^^