Friday, April 10

From Hell to Heaven- Surabaya

Alrite, I came to Indonesia almost 2 weeks d. From Jakarta, I;m now relocated to East Java, Surabaya the 2nd largest city after Jakarta. Reach here since last week. Guess you all must be wondering how was my life here .
Ok, this was my 2nd Business trip at oversea after Bangladesh. After came here, I know that this place will gonna be much much better compare to Bangladesh, may be in term of work will be the same, but social I will expect much better.
So after came to SUrabaya, I though i was unlucky not able to stay hotel, but instead apartment, from my past experiance at Bangladesh, the so call hostel still ok only, not that good. So i had bad impression.
but its totally different from what i though:

on my way to my Apartment

Got one big shopping mall nearby my staying place

I not sure what the meaning of Pakuwon, but this area are sure many rich people

many of high rise condominium at this areaYea, here are the place where I stay, name Graha Famili Condominium..nice eh?take look down

I stay at level 8

the swimming pool

Alright, nice is nice, but work still work at here. Anyway, really feel glad I can come to work at here, at least i had escaped from hell and to heaven , a wonderful place. hehe

Tuesday, April 7

Bad luck!!

totally wan to cursed out some bad words from my mouth.
This time really bad luck and shit happened.
before i came to indonesia, there is a sign of it, but i din bother.
it started with my handphone keep getting hang, but still can be used, but when the day once i reach the jakarta airport, My N80 nokia hand phone KO, it not totally KO, but the screen when i turn it on is a white empty screen. the background still have the system running, just that i cant see what in the screen.Sometime it wil show the screen menu, but i cant press into the main menu and some arrow button#%$&*^*(

2nd case. Last Friday, i had lost my Work ID, together my touch n go and my 017 card.. wtf....
i oways put in my pocket whenever no use it. may b it drop when i try to get into car. Just now my frens MSN me told that I msging her using my 017!,WTF, I;m now at Indonesia , the person still dare use my number and make some call n sent some nasty message to my friends !.at first i though nobody will use my number since i will be at Indonesia, guess i wrong, they still got time to sent n call my malaysia friends.

arghh.. really tension, the number already bared /block.

So to all my friends if u recevied any number from 0176148182, that is not me who sent.
I will try get back the number when i back malaysia again. Will inform u all when i get my number back.

Bloody Hell.... need to waste money again.... T__T