Friday, April 10

From Hell to Heaven- Surabaya

Alrite, I came to Indonesia almost 2 weeks d. From Jakarta, I;m now relocated to East Java, Surabaya the 2nd largest city after Jakarta. Reach here since last week. Guess you all must be wondering how was my life here .
Ok, this was my 2nd Business trip at oversea after Bangladesh. After came here, I know that this place will gonna be much much better compare to Bangladesh, may be in term of work will be the same, but social I will expect much better.
So after came to SUrabaya, I though i was unlucky not able to stay hotel, but instead apartment, from my past experiance at Bangladesh, the so call hostel still ok only, not that good. So i had bad impression.
but its totally different from what i though:

on my way to my Apartment

Got one big shopping mall nearby my staying place

I not sure what the meaning of Pakuwon, but this area are sure many rich people

many of high rise condominium at this areaYea, here are the place where I stay, name Graha Famili Condominium..nice eh?take look down

I stay at level 8

the swimming pool

Alright, nice is nice, but work still work at here. Anyway, really feel glad I can come to work at here, at least i had escaped from hell and to heaven , a wonderful place. hehe


yiuwey said...

the real heaven is Malaysia...

KIra said...

Foo: how come u can find my blog?!
nola.. Malaysia is reality. ( earth)dun have money ,so is not heaven. =p