Tuesday, July 7

There is No Boundaries

Ya, it might sound like Kris Allen song, but actually i more like the Adam Lambert version. alright, it not about that I wan to talk..

3 month i been missing due to commitmet to my work (*praise myself) .ahhaa. now already 3 month at Surabaya, I evern start to know Surabaya road better than my hometown Melaka or even KL. Last time i return Melaka, the road change at near the MP to one way, and just one week ago i back again, the road once again change ..^*(&#%$*) make me confused.. (luckily din kena tangkap by going wrong way >__< )

Now almost one year in my company, keep going oversea working, time fly so fast, almost one year already I in this Huawei. Sadly, some of my friends already leave the company due to contract had ended. but well guys, i wish u all da best in future, one day may b we can be a collegue again , ^^

Another year to go in Huawei, i still feel my experianced not yet enough and matured , the most important is of cos MONEY haha, i still not yet earn enough yet to return to Malaysia work. May be one day .. the day where i feel the money is not everything .

Since i hadworking at this company. I can say almost 75% of the time i at oversea, whenever come back home only like 3 days at my hometown, and rest at office, at most 5 days.. Since i stil young, i dont mind sacrified a lot . I may not have gf now, time with family, and friends, but when the day had come, I believe that all are within reach. As what chinese proverb, bitter now and sweet tommorow ( i not sure i make it correct or not ) hehe.

haih.. Another Year to go, another new task, new challenge, and there is No Boundaries in order to achieve my target-- To make my dream come true ^^ One step Ahead..

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am said...

yes,,i love adam lambert version either!!