Tuesday, July 21

Sick story in Surabaya

oh god... first time fell sick when i was oversea. I was cough, slight fever n flu. what scared me most is the posssiblities i been effected by the H1N1 virus.!

So, luckily is not the virus as what the doctor told me, just a sore throat . But what make me unsatisfied is the hospital, I go to the one of best hospital in Surabaya to check. Since i dont know the procedure, I went inside and ask the information counter.

After that I need to register myself, usually in Malaysia the registeration will only take few minutes after writting down personal details. but surpringly, I need to queue , my number is no 89, and current was like no 60!!..i wait like nearly 1 hours.. zzzz ok that fine, may be today many people seeing doctor.

Then I went inside doctor room, as usual, check here n there..done.. 5 min to 10 min. there goes my doctor fees. Then as usual I been instructed go to pharmacy collect my medicine. I though it was supposely very fast like past them the bill and doctor prescription, it should take less than 10 min. but suprisingly again, i been told to wait until been call. It takes a fcuking 40 min of patient just to received two packet of medicine inside it contain 5 pills, and 15 pills!!!!!!

oh damn.. if i were seriusly ill, i think i gonna die first.. the whole process took me nearly 2 n half hour. sigh, I late going to office this time...

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