Thursday, January 15

Yay..Back from Bangladesh

Will continued the "taj Mahal " story later, but feel so xcited, I finally return to Malaysia after 3 month at Bangladesh! yeahoo!! Really miss the Malaysia culture, people and also the food!!...

So yesterday I touch down at airport at 5am. So at airport bought some liquor, I dint know a person only can carry 1 liter of liquor, i bought 2 liquor, but the shop not allow T_T. haih..

But nevermind, that one not important, it is not for me, but my mum ask me to buy the liqour haha. Anyway, I finally bought myself my own Perfume.

Cost me around rm 200, but since this is the first time I can spend use my own working money , but really feel excited about it =)

Saturday, January 10

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 5- A trip to Curzon Hall

Ok, left few more days before i can return to Malaysia..hooray!

so the journey in Bangladesh still not yet end...
During weekend, me and with my collegue went to a Place call Curzon Hall. Actually we all don't know what is actually this place is. All we know that is this place is printed on one of the Bangladesh currency notes and at Dhaka. So on that morning, we went there with the local driver.

My first though , the building will be somewhere near tourisn place, but when we reach, it is actually located inside Dhaka University area.

Curzon Hall

According the history ( from what local people say la) , this building was once a British office... hmm but from what I see , the building doesn't really like British made, it more to Islamic structure.
the Ceiling

Me, Foo and our driver
As what I said , this place located inside a university, I guess this is the Telecommunication Engineering Department , but the department name sounds so "Eistein"
One of the lake near the Curzon Hall. Can see some people use this lake to wash clothes or take bath =_=

Foo, Su Tsong and Me

~End of Curzon Hall....

Next going to be the Bangladesh's "Taj Mahal"..


Sunday, January 4

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter 4

The journey going to be end..hehe..but there still got a lot more to share with you all. Christmas and new year already pass nearly one week plus.

Well basicaly the celebration is can say nothing, there is no christmas or new year atmostphere here, so boring.. muslim country. the only place we went for celebration is The Westin hotel in my previous post.

SP Wireless GSM team & Max (except the gal is a trainer , pretty o not?=P)

Not many photo taken .....ok.. continued with New Year celebration la...
Here in Bangla , there is no holiday for New year.. sigh. So although no holiday, we all malaysian here also dont want to miss to celebrate the last day of 2008 and welcoming the year 2009.

We all had a buffet dinner a Steak House( a restaurant). Although some of us late due to commitment to work, but the party is still on!

The place we had out buffet dinner, who knew this kind of restaurant exist in

Playing Card n drinks while waiting for the Year 2009!

The 4 handsome senior SP Wireless guy xD

me and Su Tsong and behind is my Boss @_@

Cheers 2009! Me and Nicole ( shh... she still single wor, anybody interest can pm me=P ?hehe)
Well, we all had fun that evening, everyone was so excited.... But I still miss the countdown in Malaysia where we can see pretty fireworks.

~ The End of 2008~

Continued with my journey.....

Saturday, January 3

Bangladesh: Journey Through The Winter Take a Break

Journey Break,....

Already enter year 2009...
celebrating and count down-ing day for CNY..yeah..
9 more days to go back..

Continued... ^_^