Thursday, October 18

The beginning

Tomoro goin to KL to prepare myself for the industrial training lo!! haha..

start of my Indstrial training and also my KL life!! hehe

Monday, October 15

End of Raya

3 days d.. raya also end d... still enjoying my holidays at my bro house .ayer keroh. sien...

one week b4 i going to hv my industrial training, but until now i still duno wat is my working hour and my allowance== the person in charge so late to giv me offer letter, now all i can do is waiting.....sigh...

4 more days to go to KL... 7 days to go for training and life without connection.

Saturday, October 13

Hari Raya

update from my hometown.. using dial up,line quite slow...haih.. anyway i wish to all my malay frens a Selamat hari Raya first hehe..

this year, as usual my hometown suddebly becum a city, damn a lot car on the road. Normally a quite peace of small town turn out to be the busiest place on earth exspecially yesterday hari raya eve. all along the road u can see ppl selling beef ..

on the night time, so many "mercun" or firecracker u can hear. It jus like having a war on my kmng, explosion non stop until late of night, i though firecracker exspecially those mercun are ban in Malaysia...hmm...

But one thing i like abt raya is, every year at the time like dis, my father sure bought some so called "batang pinang" beef frm stall and ask my sis in law cook for us..since my mum did not eat beef, so my father asking my sis in law cook for us. Normally it will be the kari or rendang beef. This part so called batang pinang is very soft part of the cow, and very tasty compare to other part of the beef but it kinda expensive.

So tis time, for me non muslim, raya also mean a family gathering for all of us, brother come back , everyone in family will be gather :D

Wish u all Selamat hari raya!! ^^

Thursday, October 11


Yes..finally holiday coming!!! ahah although my exam finish las week.. but still not yet go bac hometown delay until finally goin to pack alll my things and go bac hometown.

this time different, a lot things needs to pack cos nex sem goin hv my industrial training at bandar bukit puchong..moving to a new place... XD

aih.. go there no more internet connection for me d... sis din apply streamyx at her house :(
so my nearly 5 years connection wif internet life goin to be end..hardly to imagine how i can survive haha. That why this few days buy some computer games and download some drama to bring to KL to watch..if nt will bored=D

hmm ..cant wait till nex week!.. btw wish u all Selamat Hari Raya!! ^^

Tuesday, October 9

Times to Update

sorry folks.. been lazy to update since come back from PD trip. Keep playing Ragnarok online tat created by my fellow MMU students.

ok.. time to make myself free and run away from the game a while.

Last Saturday i;m wif a 9 other my coursemate went to Port Dickson for our holiday trip. i noe i;m quite late to update ..all other had update their blogs..but nevermind..i update with mind..haha

so back to the trip. since only 10 of us going..the others coursemate all busy with their stuff of going back hometown. what a nice if we all coursemates can go together. so 2 cars and i bcome the driver T_T . we follow old road to make our journey more adventure. But to be truth, leading my frens car go for long journey sure not an easy job. had to make sure she will not be too far away from me in case i overspeeding.

So the journey took us almost about 1 n half hour from Melaka to PD. Since we did not book any resort by assuming that this puasa month there should be room available, so we went there just ask n see. First stop is the Bayu Beach resort. although it quite ok the price, but we opted to see other resort price.

So we arrive at the Corus Paradise , not too far from Bayu. quite lucky we manage to get a 3 bedrooms apartment to stay. quite nice the enviroement..^^ too many thing i wan to share.. but since some my frens already update in their blogs, so i wont upload any pic or video..u all can have a look on their blog ...hehe

1) kim fei
2) miao

Saturday, October 6

so tired

so tiredd..jus bac from PD trip with some of my coursemate... will update later when all the photo done... gonna have a rest a while.totally cant tahan d.. zzz

Tuesday, October 2

Three Stuff About Me

finish my exam yesterday.. damn feel like a sht.. Come out all the question that i hardly noe to answer.. T__T but past is already past, dun wan to look back.. now wan to focus on tomoro paper. The worst nightmare ever than yesterday.

Thanks to kim fei tag me. at least gt something to update in my blog..XD

~Three Stuff About Me~

Three names you go by?
1) Ah geek ( my frens call me that)
2)Ck ( my junior call me )
3) Kira ( my internet nickname)

Three physical things you like about yourself?
1) my fingers ( haha, I'm the special one:P)
2)my nose
3)my ear

Three physical things you don't like about yourself?
1) my eyes ( too small)
2) my height
3) my weight

Three parts of your heritage?
1) a 90 degree angle line on my arms (all siblings have the same as me)
2) my fingers lo ( heritage from my father who had 11 , but gt xtra 1 )
3) my looks =P

Three things you can't stand?
1) people that are smoking
2) people put me FFK
3) slow driver

Three things that scare you?
1) all amphibian type animals
2) ghost
3) height ( yea, gt a bit phobia xD)

Three of your favourite shows?
1) Smallville ( being watch it frm season 1 til nw 7)
2) Heroes
3) CSI

Three of your favourite Japanese animes?
1) Gundam
2) Dragon Ball
3)Yu gi Oh

Three of your favourite current songs?
1) Chris Daughtry : over it
2) Augustana : boston
3) Aly and AJ : potential break up song

Three movies you can watch over and over again?
1) Spiderman
2) Mr bean
3) null

Three of your everyday essentials?
1) my computer
2) my handphone
3) my clothes =P

Three things that you are wearing right now?
1) black shirt
2) pants
3) null

Three things you want in a relationship?
1) trust
2) understanding
3) happy

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeals to you?
1) looks
2) body
3) eyes

Three bad habits?
1) sometime turn to 2nd identity ( bad mood)
2) forgetful
3) waking up

Three of your favourite hobbies?
1) play computer games
2) sports
3) singing song .. =P

Three careers you're considering or currently pursuing?
1) dun hv
2) any
3) plan yet

Three places you want to go on vacation?
1) european
3) US

Three kid's names you like?
1) .........

Three things you want to do before you die?
1) wan meets my parents
2) meet everyone that i care
3) making lo.... hahah

Three things that you are stereotypically a [boy]?
1) got rough voice
2) got hairy every where...
3) a biology brother that oways attach with me..xD

Initials of three crushes?
1) She
2) her
3) future her

Three people you tag to do this?
1) rawpotato:
2) sam:
3) stephanie: