Wednesday, January 30

Gundam 00

i not a big fans of anime. i din watch and catch anime such as initial D, one pieces, naruto, death notes.. etc.. but one anime did caught my attention is gundam .

But then, i not a really fans of gundam. i just begining like to see the gundam animation since Gundam Seed. and Gundam Seed Destiny. Before that also gt gundam series, like gundam wings, but i din catch it as other anime. But after watching the first episode of gundam seed, i started to fall in love with it.. The Mecha robot.

ok. now after 2 years since the las episode of Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam come out it latest version of the series which call Gundam 00. In case u all duno. now the gundam 00 epsiode had shown up til epsiode 16 from the total of 52. correct me if i;m wrong.

ok here i gonna have a brief introduction on the Gundam 00 character name and it Gundam units for it latest episode.

The 4 main character and the pilots for the gundam:

Setsuna F. Seiei
A Gundam Meister for the private militia organization Celestial Being. Fated boy soldier born & raised in the war-torn Middle East's Kurdis Republic. A cool kid who hates getting close to others and keeps his feelings inside. He looks more childish than a sixteen year old. Pilot of the Gundam Exia.

Lockon Stratos
A Gundam Meister for the private militia organization Celestial Being. Decided to join after losing his parents because of terrorism. The eldest pilot and team leader. Pilot of the Gundam Dynames.

Allelujah Haptism A Gundam Meister for the private militia organization Celestial Being. Spent his childhood as an orphan in the Human Reformation League. Usually gentle and quiet. Pilot of the Gundam Kyrios.

Tieria Erde
A Gundam Meister for the private militia organization Celestial Being. A boy with a rare kind of beauty, his history, nationality, and origins all a mystery. Within his gentle tone, he can give a sense of cold intentions.
here are some info about the Mobile suit or gundam :

Gundam Exia:


One set of Gundams under the operation of Celestial Being. GN Particles are generated from the GN Drive on the center of the unit and therefore it allows for near infinite energy and astounding mobility. The GN particles eminated into the air cause radio wave interference and disrupt ordinary radar and communications. Possessing beam weapons, compared to currently-in-use mobile suits, it introduces a great deal of high technology.

SPEC Height:18.3m Weight:57.2t Pilot:Setsuna F. Seiei

Gundam Dynames:

Model Number:GN-002

One set of Gundams under the operation of Celestial Being. Has many guns suitable for missions and a GN Sniper Rifle as standard equipment. When it carries out precision shooting, the head transforms into Sniper Mode with a concealed camera eye appearing. During that time, a rifle-style controller is used.

SPEC Height:18.2m Weight:59.1t Pilot:Lockon Stratos

Gundam Kyrios:

Model Number:GN-003

One set of Gundams under the operation of Celestial Being. Variable unit that can transform into a flight form. In its flight form, it has a rear arms container and can deal with every mission with versatility. While it excels at hit-and-run attacks in its flight form, even in its MS form it has offensive capabilities to match other Gundams.

SPEC Height:18.9m Weight:54.8t Pilot:Allelujah Baptism

Gundam Virtue:

Model Number:GN-005

One set of Gundams under the operation of Celestial Being. Heavily armed type and has powerful weapons such as the GN Bazooka and GN Cannon. It expands the GN Field, covering itself with a barrier and has considerably high defense.

SPEC Height:18.4m Weight:66.7t Pilot:Tieria Erde

Synopsis of the story:

The year is A.D. 2307.

Although fossil fuels have been exhausted, mankind discovered a new energy source to amend their plight: three massive orbital elevators and the large-scale solar generation systems that accompany them. However, only some of the major nations and their allies would benefit from this system.

Three superpowers own the three orbital elevators. The "Union." based in the United States of America; the "Human Reformation League," consisting mainly of China, Russia and India; and the "AEU." which is centered in Europe. For their own dignity and prosperity, each of the superpowers is continuing to play a large zero-sum game. Yes, even in the 24th century, mankind has yet to unify into one.

In this world where battles never cease, a private militia appears, advocating the "eradication of warefare through force." Those possessing a mobile suit "Gundam" are called Celestial Beings.

The armed intervention to all warfare with Gundams begins.

u can watch all those episode on9 tru this webpage. clik on it but u need to register first.. and it free..

Monday, January 28

Spooky Encounter

Fuh.. long time din update. Ok no more excused for me since I back to my university d.hehe. goin to revive back my blog.

Something happen to me last weekend. A spooky and quite scary thing. May b some of u have encounter some ghost case. So might b some similar case like me.

In my case like this, last week, I went to my friends condominium. After spent for sometime there, I decide to go back since it already late, I think about 2am.. My friends living on 17th floor of the condominium, so no matter what I need to take lift .

So when reach at the lift there as usual I press the “down” button go down . I wait til the lift arrive. As the lift arrive on my floor and open the door, I went inside it, but weirdly, after I press button to go lower floor. The lift door wont close. At first I din think much about it, in my head I though may b this lift was a bit slow to close. But as I waited for a while, it still wont close. I press again the close door. It still open, den I stop press it , and guess wan to let it close automatically, at first, the door did gonna close. But til halfway it wan close, the door re open back. Now I start feeling something not right at this moment. After few second, the lift sounded. Means that it already overweight. Suddenly my mind thinking that it was nt a good sign. Something I cant see is entering the lift. I quickly go out of the lift. And amazingly, the lift door is close and the lift go down.

At this moment, I started to feel that I just been encounter “those” thing. I waiting another lift to come pick me. Now I nt using the previous lift, but instead I using the emergency lift. When inside the lift I try hard to figure what had happened jus nw. and try to think logically why the lift is behaving like tat. But I still cant figure it out scientifically. Sigh.

But I duno y, when I encounter that case, I dint feel like very scared . I jus feel that something nt right and keep on believe the god.

Can somebody help to explain what is really happen, is it really ghost or just the lift got problems?
Any logical evidence. Y the lift will overweight,? Impossible I gt that fat till it sound overwight >_<.